1460 Peach Street Corning, CA 96021  Local: (530) 586-1715
Patriotic Flowers
Order a brilliant patriotic arrangement from ANNIE'S GARDEN FLORIST . Our flowers relay messages of acknowledgment to fallen soldiers, veterans, those who are currently serving, and their military families. These patriotic flowers are perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or a soldier’s final flight. We offer a range of red, white, and blue floral creations to celebrate, remember, or decorate. Just like the US flag, we want the red of our arrangements to represent valor and hardiness, the whites purity and innocence, and finally, the blues vigilance, perseverance, & justice. Remind our military and their families that the sacrifices they have made will never be forgotten and that we are thankful for their service and their family’s sacrifice. Send or order a patriotic arrangement today.
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1460 Peach Street
Corning, CA. 96021
Local: (530) 586-1715

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